You’ll Play Here

I’ve been in sports my whole life. In the winter of 1982 my father signed me up to play basketball and I was hooked, so much so that, for the last 36 years I’ve yet to miss a season.  That’s thirty-six straight years of playing and coaching without a season off.

Sports are important to me; sports are important to our society. The lessons associated with playing athletics through your teenage years can be crucial to the physical and mental development of any individual.  That passion I have to compete on a daily basis and continually improve as a life long learner was rooted in playing sports through those formative teenage years. It’s the very reason that I coach and relentlessly support kids in athletics. I am a firm believer in the experience of athletics, being a part of a team, and competing.

Competing and winning is key. If winning wasn’t important they wouldn’t keep score. However, winning is just a byproduct of commitment, effort, and attitude multiplied by one’s character. Those variables are what I emphasize daily with my own team. Subsequently, we have been reasonably successful on the court over the years. In the last 11 seasons we have captured 6 league championships culminated by tying the Riverside County record of 31 wins in a season and a trip to the state semifinals in 2017. Winning is contagious and breeds competition. Whether you are an all-state forward, or the 12th man, if your desire to compete is fostered on daily basis then you become something better. And that’s what I am in the business of doing, making kids better.

People ask me often why I have stayed at Notre Dame for so long. Coaching for 18 years in one place isn’t the norm. The reason why I’ve stayed is simple: coaching and playing at Notre Dame is an experience that very few high schools in southern California can imitate. We are a small school in a big area that plays much larger schools and at a level higher than our enrollment numbers indicate.

What is truly different about being a part of the athletic programs at Notre Dame is the plethora of big school opportunities our students have to participate in CIF sanctioned sports.  We fill 17 boys and girls sports teams within a small school environment. It’s just sheer numbers. In essence, if you go out for the team, you have an incredible opportunity to not only be a part of a team, but to play.  At Notre Dame every kid has a legit shot to experience those team and competitive moments that last a lifetime. That’s why I’m here, that’s why I wish every kid was here with me.

Robert Robinson (Coach Rob)
Head Basketball Coach

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