Teacher's Perspective

As one of the newest members of the Notre Dame faculty, I would like to share my experience at Riverside’s Catholic High School.  The first few months have flown by and it has definitely been a fun and exciting time as I have pursued this new adventure in my life. I have had nothing but positive experiences during my first year. Every day is an exciting new challenge which I happily embrace and much look forward to. The atmosphere is probably the best part about teaching here. The experienced faculty have all been very helpful.  They have welcomed me, supported my adjustment to a new teaching environment, and have shared many helpful teaching tips.

We are extremely lucky at Notre Dame to have a leadership team that works with us and helps anytime we have issues arise. They are very supportive and perhaps the best part about them is their accessibility. Anytime we have a question or concern, we can shoot them an email or knock on their door and get a response immediately. They really do go out of their way to accommodate new teachers. When teachers have emergencies or have to take a day off for illness, our administration is more then willing to assist us.  I was recently deployed for military service and took leave to complete my annual reserve training in the United’s Stated Coast Guard.  The leadership team was very supportive and did everything they could to make it as easy and stress free as possible to complete my military service.  Countless other teachers have told me about the help they have received from our Principal, President and VP’s anytime they had an issue arise.

Notre Dame is a great school.  We are on the forefront of innovative educational technology in the Inland Empire. Our whole school is fully Apple and pretty close to paperless.  The faculty is equipped with a new Apple iPad Pro’s and MacBooks.  Each teacher completes Apple professional development in pursuit of badges to become certified Apple Educators.  Each student is issued an iPad Pro on a Multiple Device Management network and the students are enrolled in iTunes U courses. The iPads have all the latest and best apps to help accommodate their learning. We also have begun to implement blended learning through our professional development training. This should help us reach and accommodate the needs of all our students. The innovative learning environment that we are developing will help us to continue to be one of the best learning environments in the Inland Empire.

I would highly recommend to new or experienced teachers looking to fulfill their calling as a teacher to take a look at Notre Dame.  It’s a tight-knit family where all are welcome, where we all know each other, and where we are able to thrive without unnecessary constraints.  All of this while being able to immerse ourselves in our Catholic faith life.

Mr. Chris Paterson
AP Government
World History

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