Campus Ministry

Notre Dame fosters a Catholic faith based community enriched with programs and a strong curriculum blessed by the Bishop. Students complete a theology course each year aligned with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops which provides students with a knowledge  and understanding of the Catholic faith. Students are given many opportunities to grow in their faith through daily masses, retreats, and a peer ministry academic pathway. Our school is proud to be a pillar in their faith formation and overall growth as a Catholic community leader.

Our daily masses are hosted by our chaplain in the morning for students, their families and our staff. Our time for prayer and worship is encouraged and enriched to welcome all. Our school also hosts monthly, grade level and holy days of obligation masses to provide an opportunity to bring our community together through the Holy Spirit. We begin classes, meetings, school gatherings and sporting events with prayer which provides a faith formation for our students as they grow and learn about the Catholic faith.

Notre Dame provides spiritual retreats for our students and staff members. Our staff attend PMFP courses in their first years hired to be enriched and developed to educate our students. Providing retreats for our staff helps educate our students and provide an enriched environment grounded in faith. Student retreats include grade level, boys/girls and eight grade feeder School hosted by our peer ministers. The Campus Minister has developed a two year academic and spiritual pathway for Student leaders active in their Catholic faith. These servant leaders are enrolled in a two year peer ministry program where they work to prepare retreats, masses and continue their academic and spiritual theology curriculum.

Elizabeth Devlin
Campus Minister

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