Summer Session

Summer Session

Advancement Courses

Notre Dame High School’s Summer Session is designed for returning students who wish to take courses in order to move ahead during the regular school year. There are several course advancement offerings and they may vary each year according to student/school requirements.

Credit Recovery

Online courses are offered for students in need of credit recovery or mastery of previously attempted coursework. Online courses are supplemented by scheduled meetings and assessments and are supervised by a designated moderator.

Freshmen Summer Bridge

The Summer Bridge program for incoming freshmen introduces students to the culture of Notre Dame High School and provides them with some additional review of Algebra (“Algebra Review” or “Algebra I Survey”) depending on their previous exposure and mastery of the subject. “Algebra I Survey” may be used to demonstrate the skill and knowledge of a student petitioning to enter Algebra I Honors or Geometry.

Partner School Programs

Notre Dame collaborates with her partner schools to offer courses to 6th and 7th grade students for the purposes of enhancing their academic progress during the formative middle school years while introducing them to high school with an emphasis on preparing to enter a college preparatory environment. Summer coursework is offered alongside summer programs such as sports camps and summer student activities.
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