A Proven Pathway to College

Notre Dame welcomes International Students from many countries. An International Students Program has been established by the Diocese of San Bernardino to assure that qualified students of many nationalities and faiths are given the opportunity to grow, learn and worship at Notre Dame. Please contact the Director of Admissions for information on the admissions and enrollment process.

International Student Coordinator

A staff support person dedicated to international students' needs collaborates with faculty and staff to develop in-class and after school resources, allowing international students to more effectively navigate new and unfamiliar settings. In addition, the ISC regularly communicates with the guardians and/or host families of each student to ensure continued progress, both academically and socially.

Dedicated Academic Counselor

A dedicated academic counselor is assigned to attend to the needs of international students. This counseling position allows for concentrated attention on the distinct needs of international students with language and cultural differences. The position acts as liaison between host families and the school, assists the Assistant Principal with I-20 procedures, and is a contact person with the Office of Catholic Schools regarding international student policies and procedures.

Student Support Program

The Student Support Program is designed to provide guidance to international students who are away from home by pairing international students with American students in order to develop peer relationships and friendships. Peer companions will attend regularly scheduled school events alongside international students in order to encourage a stronger participation in the school community. Peer companions are encouraged to include their international buddy in appropriate family events and outings, as well as invite international buddies to casual outings with friends and classmates.

Monthly Activities

Activities are hosted which are designed to acclimate international students to Western and local culture while developing language proficiency. Each month the International Student Coordinator hosts an outing designed to introduce international students to American culture. Student companions will attend, alongside international students, various activities including movies, amusement parks, local attractions, shared meals, holiday celebrations, and casual gatherings. Faculty are encouraged to attend. Additional costs for these outings may be incurred by the individual international students.
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