Intended Student Outcomes (ISO’s)



Conscience-Driven Young People Dedicated to Living by Catholic Gospel Values:

  • Who Possess a Sense of Personal Responsibility
  • Who Practice Moral and Ethical Behavior
  • Who Remain True to the Church’s Tradition of Supporting Faith with Reason and Reason with Faith
  • Who Respect the Role of God in the Lives of All His Creation


Academically Prepared Young Adults

  • Who Set, Manage, and Achieve Goals
  • Who Develop the Skills Needed to Thrive in a 21st Century World
  • Who Apply Problem-Solving Skills and Knowledge in a Wide Variety of Contexts
  • Who Recognize the Necessity to Continue Education Well Beyond the Classroom


Socially Responsible Young Men and Women Who Seek Justice for All:

  • Who Demonstrate Positive and Productive Citizenship and Servant-Leadership Qualities in All Aspects of Their Lives
  • Who Contribute Time, Talent, and Resources to the Improvement of Their Communities
  • Who Can Work Productively with a Variety of People to Achieve Common Goals
  • Who Recognize and Respect the Roles of Their Leaders and Their Peers to Form a Strong Society
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