Innovative Learning Environments


Notre Dame is committed to being leaders in innovative learning and we are differentiating our learning environments to uniquely prepare students for college. Our one-to-one iPad program, innovative block scheduling, and flexible cutting-edge classroom designs distinguish our college preparatory learning environments from all others in the region.


Notre Dame is transforming it's classrooms into learning labs that provide multiple learning stations, collaborative tools, and a technology infused learning environments. Gone are the days of rows and rigid learning spaces. A detailed plan has been created for each classroom and includes professional support and training for teachers to maximize the use of the tools in each room. Please view the classroom layouts in the Classroom tab.


Notre Dame has adopted a unique modified block schedule that simulates that of the college environment and prepares students for the organizational and time management demands they will face after high school. Research indicates that block scheduling provides a solid foundation for college-bound students, making them confident in their ability to manage college-level course work. The modified block schedule also provides collaboration opportunities for teachers to enhance learning environments through sharing of best instructional practices across courses and grade levels.

How does modified block schedule enhance the learning environment at Notre Dame?

Attending classes and completing homework on alternate days mirrors a true college environment.

Does block scheduling support differentiated learning?

Longer periods allow for interactive in-depth discussions, group activities, projects, guided instruction, and other learning modalities. The schedule allows teachers to approach effective instructional methodologies alongside existing best practices.

How effective is block scheduling in supporting collaborative learning models?

Collaboration is built into each period, allowing students to meet with teachers, study with classmates, work on projects, or begin homework with guidance from the teacher.

Does block scheduling prepare students for college?

Yes. Students will be able to develop organizational and time management skills more conducive to a college learning environment.

What are the main differences in the new school schedule?

The new schedule is a modified block schedule. During a normal week, each class meets three times: Mondays for 45 minutes with two subsequent 85 minute classes later in the week.


Notre Dame High School provides each student an Apple iPad Pro to be used as an instrumental and essential tool to engage students in an innovative learning environment. Each iPad is managed by a multiple device managment system (MDM). The MDM allows the school to provide standardized content on each iPad, perform regular updates, and provide supervision and security. The purpose of a one-to-one learning environment is to give students consistent, at-the-ready access to an iPad throughout the day and at home, to allow teachers to take full advantage of the unique resources provided by Apple Education and other online educational resources, and to incorporate technology into every course to produce students who are technologically skilled and literate, making technological literacy and 21st century skills a priority.


Notre Dame is excited to announce a unique partnership with Loyola Marymount University to create innovative blended learning environments in Inland Empire Catholic schools and to maximize the effectiveness of our iPad program. We are the first school in the Inland Empire, and the first high school, to participate in this prestigious program. The managed iPad program is a necessary step to achieving our broader vision and we are excited for the impact on learning at Notre Dame.


The purpose of academic academies is to engage students in learning beyond the four walls of the classroom, to explore professional expectations in a real-world environment, and to better prepare students for a rigorous college experience. Academies intend to be college pathways comprised of co-curricular activities that give students exposure to career oriented experiences which parallel classroom curriculum. This exposure will be accomplished through field trips, projects, mentorships, community events, clubs, athletics, student government, and other activities. Academies will build upon our existing co-curricular activities and focus them around four academic endeavors. The academies will remain broad in nature to capture the varied interests of our students, while also focusing students on college preparation in specific academic and professional fields.
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