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Notre Dame partners with parents to prepare students for a successful future, to form students in faith, to help them grow in knowledge, and to teach students to show their love of God through service to others and to their community.


Notre Dame is a caring Catholic school community that is grounded in faith, where students are able to celebrate their faith life throughout the day in an inclusive , welcoming environment. A vibrant campus ministry affords students the opportunity to attend school-wide liturgies, class retreats, and to participate and benefit from peer ministry.


Notre Dame provides a unique environment where students are actively engaged in learning that extends beyond the four walls of the classroom. Alongside rigorous college-preparatory courses, honors classes, and Advanced Placement classes, students participate in academic competitions, mock trial, theater productions, and real-world applications of course content.


Notre Dame has a close-knit campus environment where students support one another with a sense of family and belonging. Students are engaged in the Riverside community, volunteer countless hours in service of others, and participate in local and state government on issues relevant to their futures.

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Alyssa Aceves RCC |

Jazmyn Acosta Sacramento State University |

Adrienne Aguilar California State University, San Marcos |

Kyle Allen California Baptist University |

Soraya Apodaca California State University, Fullerton |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Gabrielle Aquilino California State University, San Bernardino |

Demetri Arciero Norco College |

Cassidy Aumentado California Baptist University |

Naseem Awad UCR |

David Baltierra University of California, Riverside |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Kathryn Banks Arizona State University |

Daniela Barragan University of California, San Diego |

Kaitlyn Barron University of Michigan, Ann Arbor |

Megan Baytosh FIDM Irvine - Los Angeles |

Aaron Blackburn Riverside Community College |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Nikizen Boco California Baptist University |

Hannah Bradvica Dennison University |

Kory Butcher San Bernardino Valley College |

Jared Butchko University of California, Riverside |

Christopher Calvillo University of California, Irvine |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Nicolas Castaneda Riverside Community College |

Robert Castanon Northern Arizona University |

Xingdi Chen University of California, Santa Cruz |

Rebecca Connaughton Riverside Community College |

Aaron Cooper Morehouse College |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Evander Covarrubias California Baptist University |

Galilea Delgado University of California, Riverside |

Yuanhao Dou Pennsylvania State University |

Megan Espeleta Arizona State University |

Ashley Farrell California State University, Monterey Bay |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Israel Fletes California State University, Northridge |

Rebecca Fletes University of California, Irvine |

Nytalia Freedman Cypress College |

Kavon Fulgham San Bernardino Valley College |

Nicole Garcia University of Redlands |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Oldayr Garcia California Baptist University |

Christine Genita California Baptist University |

Kayla Gilliam University of California, Davis |

Jocelyne Gomez University of California, Riverside |

Kylie Gomez California State University, San Marcos |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Sophia Gomez California Baptist University |

Jacqueline Gonzalez University of La Verne |

Andrew Gosserand Undecided |

Zion Grant-Freeman University of La Verne |

John Aldrin Guevarra California Baptist University |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Ting Guo University of California, Santa Barbara |

Kaitlyn Hansen CBU |

Bobby Haywood New Haven University |

Siyuan Huang Miami University Oxford, Ohio |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Tiansu Huang Maybe Korean School |

Stephany Iniguez Riverside Community College |

Jaylan Ivery California Lutheran University |

Johyeon Jeong Ohio State University |

Korben Johnson University of California, Riverside |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Jason Kennel Pitzer College |

Paul Korson United States Marine Corp. |

Ana Kreimeyer California State University, San Bernardino |

Aaron Krupp Riverside Community College |

Isaac Lacuesta University of New Mexico - Fresno State |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Justin Lano California State University, San Bernardino |

Kayla Lara University of California,San Diego |

Isabelle Legaspi Grand Canyon University |

Kimberley Lepe University of California, Los Angeles |

Julia Liera Azusa Pacific University |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Yutian Liu School of the Arts Institute of Chicago |

Adrian Lopez University of Massachusetts, Amherst |

Isabelle Lowery California State University, San Bernardino |

MacKenzie MacPherson California State University, Fullerton |

Joel Martinez University of California, Riverside |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Elizabeth Matich California State University, San Bernardino |

Henry Mendoza University of California, Los Angeles |

Pedro Mendoza University of San Diego |

Peter Mendoza University of California, Merced |

Alanah Metka Chaffey College |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Jennifer Miechowicz Sonoma State University |

Bohan Mo University of Florida |

Aidan Mojica California Baptist University |

Thai Phuong Nguyen California Baptist University |

Uyen Ly Phuong Nguyen California Polytechnic State University, Pomona |

Clint Nichol Iowa State University |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Benjamin Norton Louisiana State University |

Paul Oldham Colorado State University |

Jilianne Ong Riverside Community College |

Brianna Orozco California Baptist University |

Jacob Pabalan University of California, Santa Barbara |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Lauren Perez California Baptist University |

Garrett Pittman Occidental College |

Patrick Polycarpe California Baptist University |

Xiaozhou Qi American University |

Nicole Qui University of California, San Diego |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Eduardo Rangel University of California, Davis |

Isabella Recupero Azusa Pacific University |

Victoria Reveles California Baptist University |

Keannah Rivera University of California, Riverside |

Damaas Robbins Westcliff University |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Steven Robles California Polytechnic State University, Pomona |

Anthony Rodriguez California State University, San Bernardino |

Daniel Rodriguez California State University, San Bernardino |

Kayla Rodriguez Grand Canyon University |

Sarah Ruiz Grand Canyon University |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Katherine Saenz University of California, Los Angeles |

Emma Sartorius Westmont College |

Andrew Schone California State University, Monterey Bay |

Jacquelin Slosarski University of California, Riverside |

Nathan Anthony Solis Occidental College |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Marco Soto Northern Arizona University |

Sophia Stracner California Baptist University |

Eulo Enrique Sucgang Cebu Doctors College |

Jacob Tucker University of San Francisco Catholic |

Chazz Vaccaro-Zavala California Baptist University |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Brittany Van Wagenen Whittier College |

Kurt Vanegas Whittier College |

Juan Vargas Xavier College Catholic |

Estefania Viteri University of San Francisco |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Dylan Voorhis University of California, Riverside |

Caoyadan Wang University of California, Irvine |

Ethan Wattier University of California, San Diego |

Trinity Wyscarver La Sierra University |

Zhiyao Xiao University of California, Davis |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

Ao Yuan Rutgers University |

Sharmaine Grace Zapanta California Baptist University |

Adrian Zavala Grand Canyon University |

Shuting Zhang California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo |

Zehui Zhao University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaigne |

Peiqi Zhong Purdue University |

*** CLASS OF 2018 *** |

100 %
Graduation Rate
Advance Placement Courses
95 % 
Four-year College Acceptance
College Scholarship Offers

Innovative Learning Environments

Notre Dame is committed to being a leader in innovative learning and we are differentiating our learning environments to uniquely prepare students for college. Our one-to-one iPad program, innovative block scheduling, flexible cutting-edge classroom designs, and academic academies distinguish our college preparatory learning environments from all others in the region.
You are just three steps away from choosing an excellent Catholic education that will make a difference in your student's future
  • Zion Grant-Freeman
    Class of 2018
    "I love Notre Dame and to think I almost didn’t go here! My mom wanted to send me to some other school in Orange County, but I went here because I wanted to stick with my friends from middle school. I’m so glad I did! Notre Dame has led me to meet countless people and experience things I would have never experienced anywhere else. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else in the world"
  • Dylan Petti
    "Notre Dame High School brought me much joy. I've made life long friends and brothers for life. All the teachers at Notre Dame High School were so willing to help me and I couldn't be more thankful for the wonderful staff at Notre Dame."
  • Carol Blackburn
    "The main reason as to why I chose Notre Dame for my son, Aaron, was largely due to the very positive parent recommendations I had heard over the years.  Notre Dame has trained my son to have a more “global” mindset, a trait and coping skill that he will be using for the rest of his life! Thank you to Notre Dame and the staff for providing such an enriching environment for the spiritual, emotional, and academic development of my son!"
  • Miley Ramirez
    Current Parent and Alumni
    "As a graduate of Notre Dame, Class of '90, I felt that it is important to give my kids the same faith base foundation that I received growing up."
  • Silvia Renteria Stracner
    Parent and Alumni
    "Notre Dame has been a long time tradition for my family. My parents chose to continue our Catholic education by sending and supporting me and my three sisters to Notre Dame. I am blessed to continue that tradition by being able to send my own children to Notre Dame for their continued education and guidance in our Catholic Faith."

A long tradition of student excellence and success.

Notre Dame is preparing the next generation of doctors, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs and community leaders. Our students are accepted to exceptional colleges and go on to successful careers in medicine, law, education, engineering and business. Our alumni are making a difference in our community and the region.


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Notre Dame High School is a Catholic school ministry in the Diocese of San Bernardino committed to preparing students for college in the finest Catholic tradition, grounded in faith, active in scholarship, and engaged in community.

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An investment in your student’s education at Notre Dame pays dividends in the form of better college acceptances, higher college scholarship offers, and unparalleled preparation for success in college. The Return on Investment (ROI) extends beyond college readiness with the formation of well rounded, caring, and giving young adults who reach their fullest God-given potential.
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