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Notre Dame High School Alumni

Mission Statement

The Alumni Association has been established to assist in the advancement of Notre Dame High School, Riverside (NDHSR). The association exists to provide the principal link between NDHS Riverside’s students, staff, faculty, the school’s leadership and its network of alumni.  The association seeks to generate and maintain the active interest of all NDHSR Alumni in Notre Dame’s regular activities by fostering faith, scholarship, community and financial support for the continued growth of the school.

Vision Statement

We are committed to enlightening the value of its alumni to the school and illuminating the alumni of their vital role in the school’s future.

We seek to promote a shared spirit among alumni, students; staff, faculty, and the school’s leadership that will generate and sustain lifelong interest and involvement in NDHSR. We exist to encourage those current students and future alumni giving them a sense of pride and loyalty to Notre Dame High School.  

Alumni Association Goals

  • To increase the participation of alumni in association sponsored programs and activities
  • To strengthen the relationship between the alumni association and students, parents, staff, faculty and the school’s leadership at NDHS
  • To increase visibility of the alumni association
  • To increase financial support of alumni for NDHSR Alumni Endowment Fund
  • To establish and maintain a NDHSR Alumni Scholarship Fund for students needing tuition assistance so that any qualified student that wishes to attend Notre Dame HS will not be barred due to financial constraints